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When treating an athlete, whether it be recreational, semi-professional or professional, our doctors take a multidisciplinary approach to treat each patients that they can achieve optimal function and excellent result.

We have been trained with an extensive knowledge of sports and sports-related injuries. This means that we are uniquely qualified to diagnose and treat any sports related injury without the use of drugs or invasive surgical procedures.

Because chiropractic medicine is defined by its “hands on” approach to healing and the belief in caring for the entire body, it’s becoming an increasingly popular way to stay in the game without relying on drugs or surgeries.

How can we help every athlete who walk through our doors?

Proper orthopaedic testing to diagnose any sports injury

Refer for X-rays, ultrasound or sonar for full diagnosis of injuries

Perform soft tissue rehabilitation in the form of massage, dry needling, ultrasound and strapping

Full spinal and extremity manipulation in order to stimulate neural function, optimising recovery and proprioception

Rehabilitate each patient to a pain free level of activity and refer for further rehabilitation for optimal function in the form of biokineticist

What do we treat?

General sprains and strains

Sports related injuries such as epicondilytis (Tennis or golfer’s elbow), ITB, tendonitis, muscle spasms, repetitive strain or overuse injuries.

Joint realignment post injury

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