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14 July, 2018
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Golfer’s Elbow is the term used to describe the injury due to repeated wrist and forearm movement. Many people can suffer from this injury and a professional chiropractor is able to assist you if you suspect you’re suffering from it.

Golfer’s elbow overview

Golfer’s elbow affects many people, not only people who enjoy golf or sports. It causes pain and stiffness amongst other within the lower arm. The wrist flexors are affected and become weak as a result of the injury, making grasping items difficult. While it affects the flexor muscles, it also affects the tendons in the arm, especially the forearm.

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What are the common golfer’s elbow symptoms?

Pain and symptoms may vary from one patient to the next. Some of the symptoms include but are not limited to the following:

  • Stiffness in the elbow itself
  • Weakness of the arm
  • Difficulty doing regular tasks with your hands including twisting your wrists
  • Tingling and or numbness within the arm

Golfer’s elbow treatment options

There are various options for treating this type of injury, but depending on the severity, some patients undergo golfers elbow surgery. Surgery may include “Tendon Debridement” where part of the injured tissue is removed. Another form of surgery includes “Tendon Release” where pressure on the tendon is released via a surgical process.  

Not everyone is keen on surgery and sometimes surgery is not at all necessary. With chiropractic treatment, patients can recover from Golfer’s Elbow. Your chiropractor will also work out the best-suited golfer’s elbow exercise routine that you can do by yourself in the comfort of your home. The spinal adjustments can drastically help improve healing by reducing inflammation and pain.

Avoid the injury

You can take measures to improve or reduce your chances of Golfer’s Elbow by taking care of the following:

  • Golfer’s elbow stretches for strengthening forearms
  • Improve your form in sports (Sometimes a bad swing can worsen the situation)
  • Avoid unnecessary strain on the forearms and wrists

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