30 October, 2020
Chiropractic Benefits For Babies After A C-Section

Chiropractic Benefits For Babies After A C-Section

Chiropractors work with patients through a non-invasive approach to health and wellness. One of many treatments includes helping babies after a C-section birth. In the long-run, this benefits not only the baby, but the mother as well. Some difficulties C-Section babies experience New-borns, especially those born via C-section, face different challenges as opposed to babies […]
27 August, 2020
Understanding The Importance Of Proper Posture

Understanding The Importance Of Proper Posture

Has your back and shoulders been aching lately? Poor posture is one of the leading reasons for chronic upper back, lower back, and neck pain. It is often caused by incorrect standing, walking and sitting for prolonged hours. This can become a way of life but as a result, it can put strain on the […]
19 July, 2020

Myofascial Release Therapy: Pain Management That Is Safe and Effective

When patients experience muscle tightness and a short range of movement, its often due to myofascial pain. Sometimes the condition has already progressed to a chronic state without being realised yet. Pain killers can temporarily numb out the pain, but that isn’t a long-term solution. Myofascial treatment tackles any soft tissue area in the body […]
16 July, 2020

Simple Ways To Improve Your Back Flexibility

Want better back flexibility? In this post, we talk about ways of making your back more flexible. This is very important to help prevent unwanted injuries. What’s more is that with a flexible back, you’ll be able to do stretches with ease, especially those “forward fold” type of poses.   Why is back flexibility important? […]