Simple Ways To Improve Your Back Flexibility

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Want better back flexibility?

In this post, we talk about ways of making your back more flexible. This is very important to help prevent unwanted injuries to your body. What’s more is that with a flexible back, you’ll be able to do stretches with ease, especially those “forward fold” types of poses.

Why is back flexibility important?

There are plenty of benefits to having a more supple back. Here’s why we say so:

• Reduce back injuries
• Improve your posture
• Helps to improve the reach and range of motion of your body • Helps to improve athletic performance

3 Easy back flexibility stretches for beginners

If you were wondering how to get back flexibility, all it takes is consistency in back stretches. The following are simple; beginner stretches to help you make your back more flexible you can do at home too. As you become better at it, you can move a notch up to more challenging stretches and some yoga poses. Remember to have proper form, especially for your back when exercising and stretching as this will prevent injuries or put a strain on the joints and muscles. Try these simple back flexibility yoga poses as they are low impact.

The bow pose

The pose helps to stretch the back muscles, whilst also supporting the abdominal muscles. You can do the bow pose and lie on your stomach and lift your knees so that your feet show upwards toward the ceiling. Then grab your ankles and hold this pose for at least a few minutes to stretch your back.

Cat cow pose

The cat-cow pose is great to help prevent back pain and helps your back muscles to become more flexible with time. It also helps your body to tap into its natural energy reserves making you feel more revitalised at the start of your day if you do these back stretches. To do this, be on all fours on the floor. Once on your hands and knees, inhale and bend your back tilting your head to look at the ceiling. Hold this pose and then gently exhale. As you exhale, arch your back up toward the ceiling and tuck your chin towards your chest as if looking at your belly button. Hold this pose for a few seconds to improve back flexibility.

Improve back flexibility with these back stretches

Cobra pose

The cobra pose helps to stretch the chest and back and it also improves lower back flexibility while strengthening the spine and your arms. To do the cobra stretch, lie on your stomach with your arms on your sides in front of you and your legs long and comfortable. Inhale and lift your upper torso, supporting the weight with your arms. Be careful not to put pressure on your wrists. Hold this position for a few seconds then exhale and come back to your original position, flat on the ground.

Add some stretches and back flexibility exercises to your daily workout routine to keep your body healthy.

Add stretches and back flexibility exercises as part of your daily workout routine. With time, you’ll get better and you’ll notice the difference from these back stretches to your body.

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