Understanding The Importance Of Proper Posture

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Understanding The Importance Of Proper Posture

Has your back and shoulders been aching lately?

Poor posture is one of the leading reasons for chronic upper back, lower back, and neck pain. It is often caused by incorrect standing, walking and sitting for prolonged hours. This can become a way of life but as a result, it can put strain on the muscles within these regions causing pain.
Chiropractors often help patients who are experiencing chronic back pain, sports-related injuries and people looking to manage pain via alternative methods.

Here are some common posture errors that we’ve all experienced at some point

For some reason, it may seem comfortable to slouch at first, but prolonged periods in this position will put strain on the upper back and reduce lumbar support. It is equally bad to slouch while standing.

Standing with weight one leg/foot
This is by all means very bad. When you put all your weight on your one leg you’re forcing your body to hold an uneven balance of weight on one side only. This is negative pressure exerted on the hips too.

Texting with hunched shoulders and bent neck
A bended neck and slouched shoulders is the classic “text neck” stance. This results in strain on the neck and shoulders and as a result it can cause tension as well as headaches.

Your chiropractors in Pretoria will help you to correct your posture

These stretches may help to relieve some pain

    1. Child’s pose
      The “child’s pose” is very good for easing tension along the length of the back. It requires minimum effort and you’ll feel the “stretch” easing the tension in your back as you extend into the pose.
    2. Plank
      The plank is a full body workout and it strengthens your core and back. Get into a position as if you were about to do a push up. Prop up your toes and secure your stance on your lower fore arms. You can take this a step further and extend your arms with your hands touching the ground.
    3. Side leg raises
      Side leg raises are good for your knees and legs. Simply lay as if you were going to do a side plank and then raise your leg and bring it down.
    4. Forward fold
      The forward fold stretch might seem difficult but there is no need to feel anxious about it. You can bend your legs if you have tight hamstrings. You can do this exercise in a chair as well. For the chair version, you’ll come forward with your torso towards your knees and bring your hands towards the ground on your sides.
    5. Chest opener
      The chest opener is a good way to ease tension in the shoulders and chest due to bad posture.

Tips for maintaining better posture – Centurion chiropractors’ advise

If your lifestyle means working for long hours in front of a computer at a desk, then you must take frequent breaks. You need to invest in a good chair to support your back as this will prevent lumber pain.

Try to stand straight up. If you transfer your weight from one leg to the other, it may shift the strain to and froe and only make it worse. Don’t slouch, instead, find a seat and sit down to relief the strain off your back and legs.

Do you need help managing pain as a result of poor posture? Book an appointment with The Chiropractors in Pretoria today!


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