Chiropractic Benefits For Babies After A C-Section

Understanding The Importance Of Proper Posture
Understanding The Importance Of Proper Posture
27 August, 2020
Chiropractic Benefits For Babies After A C-Section

Chiropractors work with patients through a non-invasive approach to health and wellness. One of many treatments includes helping babies after a C-section birth. In the long-run, this benefits not only the baby, but the mother as well.

Some difficulties C-Section babies experience

New-borns, especially those born via C-section, face different challenges as opposed to babies born through natural birth.

More stress on the baby

Oftentimes, C-section births are due to complications that requires an emergency C-section. Everything that happens during the birthing process is not only stressful to the mother, but also to that little one about to make their appearance in the world.

Baby’s spine does not realign with C-section

When baby does not travel through the birth canal due to a C-section, their bodies and ultimately, their spinal cord does not get moved, pressed and simulated as it should. This often causes a delay in the neurological integration which is necessary for baby to respond, develop and reach their milestones.

Possible long-term concerns

Often many C-section babies struggle to breastfeed due to their spinal movement being restricted, especially in their neck and upper back. Some babies born via caesarean may also experience slower development, breathing conditions such as asthma, and weight issues like obesity. For all these reasons, the benefits of chiropractic for C-section babies is very important.

Why is chiropractic treatment good for caesarean born babies?

Chiropractic adjustments are not the same for adults, children, and babies. The gentle approach for infants helps ease some of the initial complications that result after a C-section birth.

It helps to sooth and reduces the symptoms of colic

Babies may have colic because of gastrointestinal issues such as too many winds or acid reflux. A chiropractor can help the babies get some relief for the discomfort in their little bellies.

Less fuss from baby, more happy bonding time

Caesarean babies are often fussier than those born naturally. As mentioned, C-section babies and their mothers may face more challenges during the time directly after the birth. Having to calm a fussy baby can be disheartening. It may be because they have colic, or other stimulants that are becoming overwhelming for them.

Better wellness

The Central Nervous System is one of the major points zoned-in with chiropractic. The CNS influences everything our body does. When the CNS isn’t reading messages properly, it could result in for example, increased allergy symptoms, infections, and as a result, an unhappy baby.

Improved sleep

If your baby isn’t fussing or uncomfortable then he/she is probably very happy or in a generally good mood. But if sleep is deprived due to discomfort that not only means a sleepless night for baby but for the parents too. Babies need sleep to grow and to develop. Sleep strengthens their immune system and keeps them healthy.
Chiropractic adjustments are good to help babies and as a result, their parents, enjoy a good night’s rest.

It isn’t painful

When you source a reputable, knowledgeable chiropractor, you can be certain that your little one is in the right hands. Experienced chiropractors know how to adjust a baby’s delicate spine. In many instances, the baby is asleep throughout the process.

If you are a mom who had just had a caesarean birth, then feel free to book a consultation with your chiropractor.

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