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18 February, 2019
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dealing with a rotator cuff strain injury

Rotator cuff strain is common in athletes as they are the most prone due to repetitive movements some of them need to perform. Repetitive Strain Injury or (RSI) is a condition that results due to putting a continuous strain on certain muscles, such as the shoulder- as seen in Rotator Cuff Strain.

While there is the option of over-the-counter medicine, you can benefit from healthy, safe chiropractic treatment to soothe pain and discomfort from rotator cuff strain or a rotator cuff tear of the shoulder. In this post, we want to discuss this injury and the chiropractic treatment and recovery aspects to the rotator cuff.

What is a rotator cuff strain?

The rotator cuff is located in the shoulders, it comprises the muscles, tendons and keeps the upper arm inside its socket. When a patient suffers from rotator cuff strain, they can experience all sorts of mobility and range limits accompanied by pain in their shoulders that may have been caused by a rotator cuff tear.

The most common signs of rotator cuff strain

Rotator cuff strain symptoms will occur in patients and being able to identify them early, enough can reduce healing time and the shoulder pain of the rotator cuff injury. Patients may showcase the following:

  • A stiffness sensation of your shoulder
  • Throbbing and tingling of the shoulder
  • Limited range of the shoulder joint due to the pain and the rotator cuff tear of the shoulder joint
  • Cannot reach behind their back
  • Tenderness and pain when trying to reach above the head

Chiropractor rotator cuff relieves the pain in the shoulder

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Who is at higher risk of rotator cuff strain?

Anybody can experience a rotator cuff strain, but some patients are just more prone to injuries of this type because of their lifestyles.

People who need to perform repetitive movements such as seen in painting and carpentry, can easily develop rotator cuff strain injury or a rotator cuff tear of your shoulder. Athletes are also more likely to suffer from rotator cuff strain especially if they’re rowers, batters or bowlers in baseball or cricket and tennis players. Age can also come into play and increase the risk of injuries to the rotator in patients over 40 years of age and older. In some cases, family history can also put a patient at higher risk of developing the injury and suffering from shoulder pain in the rotator cuff.

Rotator cuff strain treatment and prevention

People differ one from another and while some patients may recover faster, some rotator cuff recovery time can be from 2 to 8 weeks as rotator cuff injuries differ. Patients find relief using pain medication like ibuprofen and ice or heat packs applied to the injured area. You can visit your chiropractor to treat a rotator cuff injury and help relieve shoulder pain from chiropractic care.

Chiropractic treatment includes hot and cold treatments, as well as electric shock treatment to reduce inflammation from the rotator cuff injury. Chiropractors work closely with the patient to determine the best treatment routines for the rotator cuff injury. Some may include specific rotator cuff strain exercises to help strengthen the region and improve motion and range. Patients will also be shown specific rotator cuff strain exercises to help strengthen the muscles and avoid easy rotator cuff injuries from occurring.


  • Learn proper posture techniques to avoid rotator cuff injuries
  • Take short breaks between repetitive movements of the arm
  • Strengthening exercises suggested by a chiropractor


  • Don’t wear heavy backpacks
  • Don’t take breaks that are too long
  • Don’t stoop in posture when standing, sitting and walking

Do you need help managing rotator cuff strain injury? Speak to your chiropractor today!

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