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17 September, 2018
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chiropractic relief from tennis elbow pain

Sure, you’ve heard the term “tennis elbow” before but you don’t have to be a tennis player to suffer from tennis elbow. In this article, we discuss a little bit more about this injury and about how your trusted chiropractors in Centurion can assist.

Tennis elbow explained

Tennis elbow is caused due to overworked muscles and tendons within the arms, which later causes strain, and pain within the elbow and lower arm region. Repetitive motion within the wrist and arm whilst gripping something can cause the pain to occur. Pain can also radiate toward the upper arms and is usually prominent at the bony outer part of the elbow.

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Tennis elbow Symptoms

Apart from the radiating pain in the arm, tennis elbow often makes being able to use your hands for normal activity difficult. When turning a key or opening a door, or when trying to hold a plate or cup of coffee, the weakness and pain within the arm due to the inflamed tendons makes this even harder to do and painful.

Who is at risk of tennis elbow?

Anyone can suffer from tennis elbow, and as mentioned before it takes repetitive motion to trigger symptoms. However, age factors also play a role as older people are generally at higher risk than younger people are. Certain jobs that include heavy manual labour such as plumbing, painting and the use of manual screwdrivers for a long period can trigger symptoms.

Will tennis elbow treatment from a chiropractor help?

Have you been wondering about a tennis elbow cure? Well, there may not be a cure but taking care of your arm to prevent injury will help reduce the chances of tennis elbow. While over the counter medications for pain can help as well as ice packs and rest, you can get effective chiropractic treatment. Chiropractic will target the source of the pain in your elbow and throughout your arm, and thus help your body to recover from the injury. An elbow strap will also help protect the arm from injury while undergoing strenuous tasks.

Chiropractic treatments may include:

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