What Is Back cracking and Is It Bad For You?

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You may have heard the term “back cracking” many times before. You may have also probably already experienced the familiar “pop” feeling and sound in your back. Even when not intentional, your back can crack when positioned in certain postures. Back cracking can happen when trying to stretch or reach far for something or simply changing position in bed.

Is back cracking bad?

The short answer to this is no. However, “habitual” back cracking could pose long-term complications for some people. Because everyone’s body is different, what could be bad or high risk for one patient may not be the same case for another when you crack your back.

Some people believe that cracking joints may lead to rheumatic disorders such as arthritis. However, this argument is not based on evidence. While you’re wondering if back cracking a lot will be harmful or bad for you, it’s important to understand what happens. With time, pressure builds up inside the joints. There are joints along the spine and sometimes you’ll hear your back cracking, this is what happens when the pressure is released.

Are there side effects to cracking your back?

Sometimes you could think of cracking joints like a “once you start, you may not be able to stop” phenomenon. This simply means that once your back or other joints start cracking, it may become irritable. This sense of irritability may only ease up if you crack your back more frequently.

You may be asking yourself the question “why is it that my back is cracking?”

Your back cracks for many reasons. As mentioned before, the air or gases such as nitrogen builds up inside the joints with time. When your joints release this air it often results in the “pop” or cracking noise. When air builds up it can create discomfort leading to restrictions in range of motion and range sometimes.

chiropractor can help you to crack your back and release unwanted pressure build-up in your joints. One of the main theories of chiropractic is that an aligned spine helps the body to work better.

Seeing your chiropractor for spinal adjustments will help improve flexibility in your spine. It will also decrease pain and pressure build-up in your backBack cracking chiropractic techniques are safe for you.

When should you avoid back cracking?

There are restrictions and precautions to consider when it comes to cracking your back. Is back cracking bad? Yes, it can be bad when you crack your back.

Don’t crack your back if you experience the following:

  • If you have suffered a stroke or are at high risk of having a stroke
  • If you have osteoporosis in an advanced stage
  • If you’ve developed cancer of the spine
  • If you have abnormal bones in your neck and spine
  • You’re suffering from tingling, numbness, or loss of strength in your arms or legs

Know what you’re doing and let a professional help

Cracking your back by yourself could result in an unwanted injury. The good news is chiropractors are highly skilled when it comes to the structure and anatomy of the spine and back. If you need help to manage discomfort in your back, or back pain, book a visit with your chiropractor and let them help. Get relief for back pain through chiropractic treatmentContact us today

FAQ: What Is Back cracking?

Why does it feel so good to crack your back?
The pressure is released from your back

What happens when your back cracks?
Spine’s facet joints are adjusted back to the normal position

Is it bad to crack your back?
It is bad to crack your own back, however, done in moderation by a professional chiropractor is the right way to crack your back

How often can I crack my back?
Chat to your chiropractor for more information regarding how often you should crack your back

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