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25 February, 2020
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Choosing the correct pillow is important. Even more so, the right pillow will help minimise the discomfort and pain of the frozen shoulder.
Not only will sleeping on the right pillow gives you a better night’s rest, but also, improve your posture. Ever wondered why pillows come in different shapes and filled with different filling? It’s because they all play a special role.

How do you know that you don’t have the correct pillow?

Oftentimes sleeping on the wrong pillow will result in some of the following:

Synthetic versus natural pillows (the battle of the correct pillow)

All pillows have their advantages and some made for specific requirements.

Synthetic pillows

  • Synthetic pillows are prone to flare up allergies and conditions like asthma
  • They are easy to maintain and are often machine washable
  • Prone to attracting dust mites
  • Synthetic pillows need frequent replacing
  • They are less expensive

Natural pillows

  • Natural pillows are hypoallergenic
  • They are breathable and reduce dust mites
  • You can wash them but they don’t need frequent washing as synthetic pillows do
  • Natural pillows give you value for money as they last longer than synthetic pillows

How to choose the correct pillow? Here’s what to consider

Memory foam pillows have extra support that adapts to your neck and head. This allows for the most comfort. Memory foam is fantastic whether you have a frozen shoulder or need a better pillow. Down feathers and cotton reduces allergies and is long-lasting.

Pillow size
You can choose the size you prefer to sleep on. Bear in mind, though that your neck and head must be properly aligned to avoid strain. The correct pillow for neck pain is oftentimes those with the contour shape as it supports the neck and spine.

Weight and shape of the correct pillow
Deciding on the weight and size of the pillow comes down to the sleeper’s personal preference. For example, memory foam and latex material are usually heavier than duck down feathers.

Fabric choice
There are many types of fabric and all have their benefits. For example, silk may not be as breathable as cotton. But silk, however, is better for your skin and hair (preventing dehydration and lines). Cotton is breathable and perfect for warm temperatures.

Don’t go cheap on quality
You get what you pay for. Investing in a quality pillow is the ideal choice. Not only will you sleep better, but you won’t have to replace it as often.

Book an appointment with a trusted chiropractor today and start managing neck and back pain.

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