4 Easy Ways To Correct Standing Posture With The Help Of Yoga Poses

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17 June, 2020
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Having proper posture is important to avoid injury and muscle stiffness. Sometimes a work environment or lifestyle can contribute to muscle fatigue and pain. Yoga can help you master correct standing posture as well as improve your balance, reach, and flexibility.

Before we get to the 4 easy ways to correct your standing posture let’s first discuss why a bad posture isn’t great.

What does bad standing posture look like?

Many things contribute to bad standing posture and a sore back including:

  • Slouching
  • Hunched shoulders
  • Carrying a heavy bag on one arm only
  • Wearing high-heeled shoes
  • Craning your neck to look downwards

To correct this, you can do a couple of easy yoga stretches to help align your spine. Standing posture in yoga will help you improve your wellness, balance and stance.

What are the benefits of a good standing posture?

When your posture is good, you’ll save yourself the trouble of enduring back injuries and muscle fatigue. You’ll also decrease the wear and tear of the bones inside the spinal column. Practicing the right standing posture will avoid pressure on the ligaments resulting in fewer chances of injury.

Try these poses for better standing posture in yoga and everyday

1. Child’s pose

Excellent for beginners

  • Kneel with your toes and shins touching the mat
  • Your knees must have a hip-width apart
  • Extend your arms on the mat in front of you with your forehead touching the mat

2. Forward fold

This pose forms part of the “Sun Salutation” and maybe a bit harder for people with tight hamstrings. You can bend your legs until you feel more comfortable in the pose.

  • Stand up straight with your shoulders back and arms beside you.
  • Place your feet together
  • Bend at your hips forward bringing your hands down towards your shins
  • Allow your head to hang loosely towards the floor

3. Cat/Cow

Cat /cow pose is good to help ease the back muscles. This and “child’s pose” is helpful when you have a sore back.

  • On knees and hands evenly balance your weight
  • Upon the inhale, curve your spine to lower your abdomen toward the ground
  • Move into arching your back up extending your spine toward the ceiling do this with the exhale

4. Plank

The high plank is excellent to help tone your stomach and strengthen your arms. At the same time, it is also great for standing posture correction.

  • Be on all fours but straighten your legs so that your toes are touching the mat
  • Straighten your back without dipping your lower back
  • Look with your gaze just above your yoga mat keeping your chest open and your neck and back lengthened

Book your appointment with your chiropractor and get great tips to help improve your standing posture.

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